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Jan 9, 2013 - A touch of history in Ohio

Ohio, the Buckeye state is wide open and beautiful, and easily seen with a coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coach or school bus chartered from Charter Bus Ohio. Ohio may not have a glamorous a history as other states, such as the original 13 colonies, but her contribution to American history is noteworthy. Most people think of Ohio as one of those that states that people come from rather than go to, but it may surprise you to learn that Ohio gave America eight of her sons as President of the United States. It was a prominent stop on the Underground Railroad, and Cincinnati was home to the first professional baseball team in America. A charter bus trip through the southwestern region of Ohio will reveal an area of the state that is rich in history.

You need to visit Cincinnati’s Findlay Market, especially on the Cincinnati Reds baseball opening day. The elegant and unique wrought iron construction was one of nine markets built in the 19th century. Very few survive today, and Findlay Market, easily reached by charter bus, is the best preserved example. A fun place to dine and shop for charter bus visitors, Findlay Market is home to a collection of dairy shops, art and crafts places, flower vendors and delis. The Cincinnati Reds’ opening day parade starts at Findlay Market every year.

Ulysses S. Grant was a prominent figure in the Civil War and a the 18th President of the United States. A quick charter bus whistle stop tour brings you to Point Pleasant. This was the birthplace of President Ulysses Grant, and visitors can view re-enactments of Civil War battles and walk through an authentic reconstruction of a Civil War battle camp. A quick charter bus ride brings you to Georgetown, Ohio, President Grant’s childhood home, and where he received his early schooling. This small community is known for its annual county fair, known as “The Little State Fair”.

For a touch of nature, get in your charter bus and head on over to Chilo Lock 34 Park in Chilo, Ohio. Adjoining the Crooked Run Nature Preserve, a visit to Chilo Lock offers a day of hiking, animal watching and refreshing views of the countryside. Visit the museum at Chilo Lock Park, which gives visitors a look at the history of the region, and information about the flora and fauna of the park. There is also a replica of a steamboat, the Jennie Wade, that visitors can climb aboard.

Everyone knows about the Amish in Pennsylvania, but did you know that Ohio has an Amish community? Take a charter bus trip to Adams County where you can visit the thriving Amish community. Living their lives in closeness and service to God, without the modern amenities that many of us take for granted, you can view examples of their handicraft, enjoy home cooked food and view their horse and buggy carriages as you wander through local shops and homes Adams County.

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