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June 26, 2013 - Huntington Park

Ohio’s Huntington Park has been named, many times over, as one of the most groundbreaking stadiums in the country and suffice to say, after its completion and introduction in 2009, they are right to be named so. Huntington Park serves as the primary home ground for the Columbus Clippers which has gone on to win many awards, one after another, including the renowned Triple-A minor league and International League. The seventy million dollar project also serves as a major crowd and tourist charter bus rental attraction for foreigners who would like to witness and experience the sheer energy of a good game in a great stadium. The stadium which is located along the Neil Avenue can seat up to ten thousand and one hundred crowd per game.

To the delight of the residents, fans of the sport and tourists alike, when the first game was played at the stadium in 2009 between the Clippers and Toledo Mud Hens, it was one of the best games in the history of the stadium and game and needless to say, Huntington went on to win significant accolades including being named the Best Ballpark of the Year by renowned experts from There is always an advantage leaning towards the Clippers’ favor whenever another team came on to challenge their abilities but some of the best games ever played in Huntington were the ones where crowds roared their cheers when Clippers won Pawtucket Red Sox in 2010 where twelve thousand five hundred and seventeen fans came to cheer their favorite team on.

Ohio’s famed Huntington Park is primarily owned and run by Franklin County and is carpeted with beautiful natural grass and is worth every single cent spent on running and maintaining it.

It would be a complete waste if the stadium was only used for baseball games, therefore, from time to time, there would be large concerts being held at the premises. On top of hosting large international games almost every year since its inception including the 2012 Big Ten Conference Baseball Tournaments, Dave Matthews Band had a performance in the stadium, using the center field as his stage. The year before, Reo Speedwagon also held a large, spectacularly successful one too.

For those who are unfamiliar with baseball or the culture, it would be simply amazing to feel the energy from the fans and sportsmen alike. It has been named as a leading stadium for a very good reason. One of the main reason it remains to be seen as a great baseball stadium is by virtue of the fact that the stadium is extremely well laid-out and maintained. Parking is sometimes a rather huge problem but for those who are coming in with Ohio rented charter buses, this is an issue you would be thankful not to have to contend with.