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There are tons of activities at Ohio Caverns which includes cavern tour, historical tour, limestone tour and hands-on mining activity

A Mysterious Trip to Ohio Caverns

June 6, 2014

Enjoying nature is more than just greenery and trees. To enjoy a more mysterious and exotic part of nature, rental bus visitors should take a trip to Ohio Caverns, a show cave situated about 30 miles from Dayton, Ohio. This popular tourist destination is the largest cave system in the whole of Ohio and features many magnificent crystal formations.

There are many different interesting activities offered at Ohio Caverns for tourists arriving on charter bus, so make sure you take a look and choose activities and tours that suit your interests and budget.

Natural Wonder Tour

This tour is approximately 50 minute long, and covers a tour of the caverns. The route through the caverns is at a level concrete path, allowing rental bus visitors to enjoy the beauty and wonder of the caverns in a safe and convenient environment. However, do take note that the paths are not wide enough to cater for wheelchairs or baby strollers.

The caverns features exquisite crystal-white stalactite and stalagmite formations that are not to be found in greater profusion of artistic settings. The diversity of formations and unexcelled coloring are all the more interesting because the formations are still in the process of development.

Historic Tour

The historic tour of the caverns differ as it takes charter bus visitors to parts of the cavern viewed by visitors from 1897-1925. The historical tour begins aboard a shuttle bus to the original entrance of the cavern, where you will enter the cavern at the site of discovery as done long ago. This tour takes about 45 minutes, with a total length of approximately 0.75 miles.

Limestone Tour

If your party has someone who can only tour places that is wheelchair friendly, don’t fret! There is still something at the Ohio Caverns for them. The Limestone Tour is actually part of the Natural Wonder Tour that goes on for about 25 minutes. This tour is free, although reservations need to be done ahead for this tour. The entire route of this tour is wheelchair friendly.

Mining for Gems and Fossils

Ever wondered how people in the olden days find minerals and gemstones in the rough? Well, you can also experience this at the Ohio Caverns in this little fun activity. At the giftshop, charter bus visitors can purchase bags of mining “rough” that has been seeded with gemstones, minerals, fossils or arrowheads. Some rough contains emeralds! Mining rough ranges in weight from 3 to 5 pounds and costs range from $4.50 to $9.00.

You can get the necessary equipment and tools needed to learn how to pan for these specimens, identify what you find and take home a nice collection. Should anyone in your group not want to go for the tour, or prefer some hands on activity especially kids, can do this mining and panning for treasures.

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