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Nov 25, 2013 - A Splashing Time at Zoombezi Bay

The best way to enjoy a nice sunny day would be splashing about at a water theme park. Take your Ohio charter bus to Zoombezi Bay, a water park owned by the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Situated in Powell, Ohio, this water park was actually once part of Wyandot Lake. When Wyandot Lake closed for renovation, it divided itself into two parts: an amusement park, and a water park.

What can you expect from Zoombezi Bay?
Basically, Zoombezi Bay is a combination of a water park and an amusement park that is 22.7 acre large! There are 15 water slides for you to choose from, so charter bus visitors can get their dose of adrenaline rush as they propel down the slides. Need more? Then head on instead to the wave pool to get a ride of your life!

The wave pool is called the Wild Tides. It is a 544,500 gallon wave pool that is six feet deep, with waves going up as high as four feet. Although this wave pool has the same name as Wyandot’s Lake pool, it is newer and is significantly larger than the previous pool, and it is also much safer too. Don’t forget to also visit the Roaring Rapids for another thrilling water ride.

Taking things up another notch at Croctail Creek lazy river ride
For something a little more laid back, rental bus visitors can use the Croctail Creek lazy river to just drift along on large tubes. This is only strictly for adults with a Croctail Island bar located right in the middle of the river. However, if you brought your kids along with you to Zoombezi Bay, you can take them for some fun time at the Barracuda Bay kiddy play pool where there are lots of fun features, just for kids. Formerly known as Christopher’s Island, the Barracuda Bay is a pool and playground area for kids where there are water slides and the depth of pool is only 22 inches deep at the max.

As mentioned earlier, there are 15 slides at Zoombezi Bay. However, most of the slides are part of the Sea Splash Complex. The most popular ones that charter bus visitors tend to go for are the Sea Snakes, Slippery Seals and the Sea Tubes. Apparently, the green slide at the Sea Tubes is the fastest, so use that if you are into fast wet rides!

A group ride on Tahitian Twister
There is also some rides that groups of people might find entertaining. One of it is the Tahitian Twister, a five-person raft ride. Another favourite is a race-styled slide called the Dolphin Dash, which can accommodate six riders at one go, all side-by-side, racing down the slides on blue mats.

So, for an easy trip over to Zoombezi Bay in Ohio, just hop onto a charter bus Ohio and have a wet and wild time!