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Sep 2, 2013 - Westcott House

Many may have heard of it, read about it but not many may have actually made a trip there to take a look at the Westcott House in Ohio. In fact, it was pretty much a rundown place before it was completely restored and reopened to the public on October 15th, 2005. And if you are one of those who have heard about and read about it but have never seen it with your own eyes, perhaps you should think about planning a trip here with some friends to check out the beauty of the only and only Prairie Style home in Ohio. As you consider calling your friends to join you on this trip, consider also chartering an Ohio bus to bring all of you there, so that you can have the freedom of enjoying the trip without worrying about finding the place or getting lost trying to find it.

Tours at the Westcott House is chargeable and there is a discount for you if you have AAA and the tour begins with an eight minute video on the history and restoration of the home. From the viewing of the video, you will be able to understand and see how run down the house was before it was fully restored into the beautiful home that it is now. After that, you will be taken on a 45 minute tour by a tour guide and most of them have very good knowledge about the house and are very friendly too. You will also be taken to see the sitting area, the kitchen, bedrooms, stables, the garden area as well as the servants’ quarters.

Considered to be a great treasure, the Westcott House has definitely been restored to its former glory and the design was done by none other than the ever well known designer, Frank Lloyd Wright with a touch of Japanese flavour to it too. As you and your friends come down from the Ohio charter bus, you will notice that the entrance to the house is actually on the side of the home and as you enter, there is also a small gift shop inside the home. You can either start your tour of the Westcott House or check out the gift shop first. In our opinion, we always prefer to check out the gift shop at the end of the tour so that we can take our time to see what’s in there for sale and what we can consider buying home with us as souvenirs or gifts. After all, it may not be too convenient to be carrying your purchases with you as you tour the home, so it would make sense to leave visiting the gift shop at the end of the tour, just before you climb back on the charter bus to go home.